Waterdeep commands the countryside for thirty or forty miles [about, but the city itself is the chief feature. Waterdeep is divided into several major sections known as “wards,” each of which contains Innumerable businesses, residences, or other buildings.

Castle Ward: Castle Ward, at the center of the city, includes fount Waterdeep, its castle, the Palace of Waterdeep (occupied by Piergeiron), and the homes of some prosperous Waterdhavians.

Dock Ward: Compared to the rest of the city, Dock Ward is dirty, smelly, clumsily built, and dangerous. In the words of Elminster himself, Dock Ward is a “riotous, nigh-perpetual brawl that covers entire acres, interrupted only by small buildings, intermittent trade Businesses, an errant dog or two, and a few brave watchguards (who manage to keep the chaos from spreading beyond the docks), the whole lot wallowing in the stench of rotting fish.”

North Ward: North Ward is primarily the home of the wealthy middle class, lesser nobles, and well-to-do merchants.

Sea Ward: The wealthiest ward of the city, Sea Ward is home to noble families. It features broad streets, wondrous statues, bright and expensive shops, and its own arena, the Field of Triumph.

Southern Ward: Also known as Caravan City, the Southern Ward serves as the staging, loading, and unloading zone for caravans passing through the southern gates into the city. “South,” as it is known lo locals, is well patrolled by the City Watch and accustomed to providing newcomers to the city with lodging, information, food, and entertainment.

Trades Ward: Waterdeep’s commercial section never truly closes, and work stops only during festivals. By night, candles, lanterns, oil lamps, and continual flames keep Trades Ward’s streets and shops glowing, with staff who sleep by day to sell to those who shop by night. The city’s major guilds have their headquarters in Trades Ward, near the businesses they work for or own.



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