Adventures in Waterdeep

The Junip & Sapphire

Session 6

With the help of the City Watch, the party takes Kali, the Talonite Cleric into custody and and anything else of value in the safehouse. Back at Gray Hand HQ, Hrusse congratulates the group on their initiative and they plan their next move.

Most importantly is interrogating Kali. But the young researcher is not terribly interested in helping. She waxes enthusiastically on the plague she helped create. From what she reveals, the current plague is extremely virulent on humans and elves, but is somewhere between ineffective and just not deadly enough on most other races.

Kali seems to ignore the chaos their plans will cause in favor of the utopia she hopes it will bring about. Who lives and who dies is based entirely on their strength of will, she explains. The plague does not care about class and standing, even lowly garbage collectors have a chance of surviving in this new world they envision.

Vahn argues back and forth with her, and makes an impassioned plea for her to help them. After all, aren’t they stronger than she is? While it may have had more of an effect than he thought, Kali reluctantly agrees to see if she can fashion some sort of cure. She seems at least somewhat confident that it could at least be cured if caught extremely early.

She does not have a lot of useful information on the rest of the cult’s activities, as she has been in the safehouse for several weeks and finds her research infinitely more interesting besides. Aside from a few unkind words on the personality of her boss, Vecia, she does reveal that her superior is capable of disguising herself. Aside from that, she vaguely recalls the name of the failback location where they will be creating the plague distribution device, the “Something Something Sapphire.”

Squeebus suspects she means an apothecary down in the South Ward, the Junip & Sapphire. The party elects to not attack until morning. Hrusse sends a few watchmen to monitor it in the meantime.

The Junip & Sapphire is a squat little stone building with a sign gently waving back and forth in the city breeze. The two watchmen on lookout, Kanitha and Carric, have seen no activity from inside, not even a light. From all obvious indications, the place is deserted.

The party enters cautiously, but the building is more fortified than it seems. They quietly freeze open the lock to the basement, but activate an Alarm ward on the staircase. Panic can be heard from the other side of the closed 2nd room of the basement.

Vahn leaps over the stairway in an attempt to cut off whoever else is inside, but is almost taken down by a giant black cat. The party recognizes it as a Displacer beast, a massive six-legged being summoned from the Feywild.

Split from the others, Vahn bursts into the other room while Redfern and Althaea fight the displacer beast. Their quick action catches 3 members of the Plague Rats and their leader before they can destroy everything. The lesser rats are in the middle of grabbing torches to burn the workstations scattered about the room, containing small, mysterious plants.

Their leader pauses briefly to threaten Vahn before demonstrating how the Plague Rats got their name — he begins to shift into a monstrous form, a wererat! Even with their famed immunity to anything that isn’t silver, the powers of Bahamut prevail. A focused beam of holy energy from his blade burns the wererat into dust.

The remaining rats are tied up and interrogated. The group recognizes them as Squeebus’ associates, left sleeping in their other hideout. Tired of giving second chances to the unrepentant, Vahn kills them both after gleaming what limited information they possessed.

Will Squeebus forgive them for this action? And what at the mysterious plants they’ve captured?



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